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Starting over

Almost 6 years ago, I posted in the Nikon forums (here) about how excited I was to be getting my first DSLR, a Nikon D60. Over the years, it served me well, (only racking up 16,000 shutter actuations though), I got the SB600 flash, 35mm F/1.8 lens (lovely), got rid of the 18-55 kit lens, picked up the 16-85 (which I sorely underused).

It wasn't an extensive collection, but I enjoyed using it to take pictures of my kids and documenting special family occasions. A few later, by 2011, I got lazy and picked up a PowerShot S95 which I could grab at any time, still get the manual controls I'd gotten used to and get decent quality to boot. I'd always bring the Nikon out for special events and trips, but most of the time it gathered dust in favour of the S95 or iPhone of the time. I convinced myself that lugging the Nikon around was a chore and so it fell out of regular use for a while.

Out of boredom with Nikon and photography in general I started to pay a bit more attention to what was happening with Canon, Sony and the general Micro Four Thirds arenas. I loved what I saw in the Canon 70D, twist flippy screen, live view, superior auto focusing (bearing in mind what I had), but the cost of replacing my kit under a different system put me off. Last summer though, for an experiment, I bought a Canon 700D kit along with the 50mm prime, and was really happy with it - it was light years ahead of my old D60 in terms of functionality - still I returned it for a refund and carried on plugging away with the Nikon and Canon.

Last Christmas however, convincing myself that I would shoot more if I bought a new Nikon body, I bought a Nikon D7000 body. Yep, a bigger heavier body which somehow I would take out more often. That didn't really work out! It was great to have the IQ, it balanced out the 16-85mm lens nicely, being able to use my existing kit was great and having all those external buttons took some getting used to, but again it went criminally underused. Stupid me. You should know I'm a gadget freak and so am always looking for the not so latest (in the D7000's case) and greatest. It was always going to be much more camera than I'd ever need.

Anyway, a few weeks ago, I started thinking seriously about consolidating to one camera system - getting the quality and functionality of a DSLR but in a much smaller form factor. I liked what I read about the OM-D E-M10 - had it been out last Christmas I would have probably picked it up instead of the D7000! Walking into a camera store I got the chance to play with the Olympus, the RX100 2 and thanks to a very helpful member of staff, a camera I hadn't really considered before, the Sony A6000. Previous NEX devices had looked OK, but I'd never really thought much about having an APS-C sensor in a far smaller form factor. When I left that store however, I was convinced the A6000 was for me, and spent the next couple of weeks researching it in a bit more depth.

This past Saturday, I took the plunge and sold my Nikon kit and S95 to the aforementioned camera store, they gave me a price I thought was fair, and I didn't have to go through what I perceived to be hassle in selling it on eBay. Today, I took the next step and ordered the A6000 and 16-50 kit lens. It should be in my hands tomorrow! I'm excited all over again, mainly because it's a new gadget, but also because I've kept the wife happy by selling all my old kit first! Any how, it's going to be frustrating to replace what I had, I really loved shooting with the 35mm F/1.8 so the SEL35F18 is probably next on my purchase list, although at over twice the price of the Nikon equivalent, it's going to be tough to swallow. I also can't help but be intrigued by the SEL24F18Z, but its price tag puts it comfortably out of reach, unless I can find something else to offload!

I'm looking forward to having just one camera that should be able to give me everything I need and want (perhaps apart from good inexpensive lenses)!

Thanks for reading!

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