Where's the RX100 I/II/III competition?

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Re: LX8 could be a rx100 killer

technic wrote:

newellj wrote:

As far as size goes, the critical size point on the RX100 from my perspective is that it will fit into a dress shirt pocket. The LX-series cameras don't. If it doesn't fit into a shirt pocket, it is't competitive.

I understand, but I think for most users a shirt pocket is not the norm, due to clothing habits and average weather conditions. For most of us it is probably either pants pocket (IMHO only Canon S100 and smaller cameras fit there) or coat pocket / belt clip (suitable for many cameras). Even if a camera would fit in my shirt pocket (RX100 doesn't, for me) I would never put it there due to weight and risk of dropping the camera.

I agree 95% : I used to own a RX100 (M1) and technically, it fits the pocket. But I felt it was very risky, indeed, unless you don't move at all

I agree as well for pants : the RX100 did fit in my pants pockets. technically. But when in my pocket, it was very difficult to move easily. For instance, riding my bicycle as usual was a pain. After 2 weeks, I decided to buy a belt pouch for the RX100, for times when I don't wear a jacket.

My (small) smartphone is pocketable, a S100 fits as well, but not a RX100.

About pockets, the guy with AF issues agrees with me : http://youtu.be/OqoJ0KQq_hw?t=4m3s

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