Down year for cameras affecting rate of product release?

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More Off-Topic about battery power tools...

MiguelD wrote:

Petroglyph wrote:

are any of the usual cordless drill companies still in business since my drill is about 15 years old?

Started with classic blue Makita 9.6 volt when they were the ones to have. Batteries finally went.
The cost of replacement batteries is greater than the cost of buying a while new kit which includes the case, 2 batteries, charger, flashlight, and some little stuff. So I then went with a 12 volt Ryobi; six years later same story; now have 18 volt Ryobi for 30% less than the last one.

Ryobi is good enough for most portable scenarios and I think the flashlight is really useful. For serious applications, I use a corded drill.


To continue with this off-topic discussion, both Black & Decker and Ryobi (and some other brands, I think) have multi-tool systems that use the same battery and charging system. I got an 18-volt B&D pole saw a few years back that does excellent work to be only an 18-volt battery-powered chain saw (have sawed off dead limbs up to about 8" thick). So when I decided to get a cordless hedge trimmer, I got one that worked with my B&D system, and I'm pleased with that, as well. So anyway, a couple weeks back I needed to get a string trimmer, and Lowe's had the 18-volt B&D on sale for $49. I bought it, but in this case I WAS NOT impressed. I took it back because the line wasn't feeding. Manager got it to feed, but still it was just too "wimpy." I ended up at Home Depot and went THE OTHER DIRECTION, spending $180 on that new high-power Ryobi 40-volt trimmer that's ALSO part of an interchangeable battery system (plus this trimmer will take attachments, so it can be converted to other uses). It KICKS BUTT! I also already had some 18-volt Ryobi hand tools (drill/driver & saw that came in a kit -- also interchangeable stuff). So NOW I have three different interchangeable "kit" type battery systems, and I can add to each one when and how I see fit.

But my PRIMARY reason for posting here was to respond to your comment about the cost of REPLACEMENT batteries. They're high for the 18-volt but that's NOTHING compared to the 40-volt. I also bought that 40-volt Ryobi trimmer based on the reccommendation of a Home Depot garden employee who's been there more than 25 years and whom I've known ever since they opened in this area about 15 years ago. She bought one that was a bit less expensive BEFORE this one came out, but said she'd have bought this one had it been available then because it takes the attachments. When I asked her about the cost of extra/replacement batteries (because they were NOWHERE TO BE FOUND in Home Depot) she was honest; she told me they're $120 each!

The whole trimmer, with battery, charger and all is only $180. But man, that battery charges in about an hour, and it has a button on it you can push to show you how much "juice" it has left. And no memory, since it's LiOn, so you can charge it before it's dead (like yesterday it was down to one FULL bar of four, so I charged it -- less than an hour and it was FULL).

Moral of the story, though... unlike with our camera batteries, MOST of the cost with these high-powered tools seems to be IN THE BATTERY.


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