RX100Mk3 hands on today

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Re: RX100Mk3 hands on today

Time well spent -- thanks!

Brad Morris wrote:

3. The EVF is nice to look through when it is extended however it is easy to knock the slide out lens and that will make the viewfinder blurry and lock the camera controls. Could have potential to be frustrating in use.

I'm sure many of us suspected this could be a problem, so thanks for reporting.

4. The lens control ring is just as "disconnected" and unresponsive as the ring on the RX100mk1. I was disappointed that they have not made the ring more responsive.

Thanks! While disappointing, I think this is the first chance we've had from someone who actually knows this problem to confirm that it hasn't been changed.

5. I did not have my Mk1 with me to make a direct comparison, I know that it is slightly thicker in the measurements but in the hand it was not really noticeably different to my Mk1. The Mk2 feels thicker in the hand if my memory serves me correctly.

The main size/weight concern is for pocketability, and this is something you were unable to explore, given the tethering.

My impression was that the rear tilting LCD screen is better engineered to fit flush with the body compared to the Mk2. I think the new tilt mechanism is simply a more refined design compared to the Mk2.

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