New A6000 setup : Your opinions & input please to help a n00b!

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New A6000 setup : Your opinions & input please to help a n00b!

I've recently moved on from an old Sony NEX C3 to the new A6000. I loved my C3 but I've always kicked myself for not buying the 5 when I had the chance (basically I was mis-sold by a dude who didn't know what he was on about and I hadn't done my research).

In any case I've had some fantastic shots from my old C3 but the move to the A6000 has been a learning curve if I'm honest. Whilst I thought they would operate in a similar manner I've found they're quite different *but* I think it's for the better.

So March next year my husband & I are planning a 2 week trip to Japan (much excitement!) and I thought I best get my learning cap on so I can get the best out of my camera when we get there!

I've got a number of lenses from my old camera currently but I'd planning on selling the old body and renewing some of my lenses to keep the load under control etc. Currently I have the following;

- SEL16F28 (+UWA)
- SELP1650
- SEL1855
- SEL55210
- Sigma 50-500 (via Sony LA-EA4)

I also have the following extras;

- 49mm Hoya CPL Filter (old filter - not sure of it's quality)
- 49mm Polaroid Macro Filters
- Manfroto compact tripod (at only 0.8Kg it's light but it's taken a beating around the world)
- Lowepro Hatchback 16L (could do with something that fits the Bigma though)

First thing on my shopping list is a good prime lens. I've never really used primes before but I suspect for indoors and evenings out it will be a better choice. I'm just not sure which 1 to buy?

I did try organising my photos by focal length in iPhoto (yes I know, I need to invest in something more substantial but again, I'm not sure what to purchase) and I'll be honest, I've shot the majority of my photos with the 16mm, 55-210mm and 50-500mm than I have done with the 16-55mm ranges (possibly because the results have been nicer for what I've been photographing?).

Second on the list is probably the SEL1018 for those wide shots of busy Tokyo, the beautiful Kyoto and stunning mountains around lake Ashi. But part of me wonders if I'd be best sticking to my 16mm with UWA? I've read several mixed reviews between the two and it appears to be luck of draw so any opinions on this would be much appreciated.

Thirdly I'm debating my main lens. I *love* the photos from the SEL1670Z *but* I'm worried about the luck of the draw issues again and also debating the convenience of the SEL18200LE. The husband has advised he's given permission to buy the SEL1670Z and SEL70200G (he's a fan of the "no overlap") but are my photo skills really good enough for such expensive lenses? Am I going to benifet more by carrying 2x lenses vs. 1x? I did also look at the reviews for the SEL18105G but I've yet to find any where that I can try one out.

Ideally I'd like to keep the number of lens changes & weight down where possible to avoid missing great shots but I'd like to keep IQ where possible. Any recomendations on any extra kit to take or invest it would be much appreciated also.

Oh and if you need any further info from me please let me know and I'll do my best (I'm still new to all of this really!)

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