What to do? Clean sensor

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Re: What to do? Clean sensor

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Thanks guy I'll buy a blower (gitottos) is that ok?, must of been at the beach when I put on the 55-210mm. Man I was so careful when I change it.

Giottos is great. I use it with camera facing down. However, be prepared to accept some stubborn particles clinging on when you would have to do sensor cleaning. I use Eclipse with Sensor Swab (type 2 for APSc).

As for dust getting there, it is virtually impossible to prevent from happening, not just while changing lenses, but also zooming in/out.

Manny - what swab should I use to clean my A7 sensor? I discovered some stuff on it on my trip to Israel, and it looks like it might have been some fluid (tear shaped smear with edges and dot in the center (see below in the wires)

Are there different sizes for different sensors? I'm concerning if the swab is big and I can't get to the corners.

Sensor Swab Type 2 is 17mm wide, good for APS-C. For modern FF, Type 3 (24mm wide). You could use Type 2 on a7/7r, but Type 3 could allow for one clean sweep (as Type 2 does on APS-C). If using Type 2, you will have to repeat.

Thanks - I think I'll buy both. I have an NEX-6 and want to clean one of my D7000s before I give it to my son-in-law.

Do you agree that the shape and characteristics of the mark suggest dried liquid? It doesn't look like any "dust" I've ever seen.

Mel, that looks like dust, possibly lint.

You can get both types. It can sometimes take a bit of patience but it works well. The swabs are on the expensive side but I have used them every 4-5 months for last 3+ years.

You can get pre-moistened swabs packets (good as a travel option) but they cost bit more than getting swabs and solution (Eclipse) separately. The solution itself is good for sensor but does not like furniture polish etc and designed exclusively for the sensor.

I considered pec pads but I am wary of putting putting more pressure or an object that might not work well. Although, a dry sensor swab could be used/resused with pec pad.

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