What to do? Clean sensor

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Re: What to do? Clean sensor

Don't blow it with your mouth!!!

The best and the quickest way to remove (not so dififcult) dust from the sensor is ... (and this is absolutely true) ... to use a domestic vacuum cleaner. When I moved to fullframe I decided that I was only going to use primes. Of course this is a lot easier for dust to get in the sensor. I get it a lot lately.

Even on environments like these ( http://www.miguelteotonio.com/post/86699886004/mina-de-sao-domingos-alentejo-portugal-this ) where I changed lens all the time, the good all vacuum cleaner did the job the moment I arrived home. I just put it on minimum speed and keep it on a 5 cms distance from the mount. 5 seconds is enough. If this doesn't work you'll have to try a wet solution ...

Now with the EVF it's a lot better thant OVF to detect dust on sensor. Just set the lens to F22 for instance and point the camera to a white wall / blue sky, etc. You'll immediatelly see if the sensor is dirty or not.

Some may think this is dangerours to do but if you are carefull, it will work. I'm doing it for the past 5 years with several cameras and never had a problem ...

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