HELP, Please! Battery Grip Won't Come Off K-3

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HELP, Please! Battery Grip Won't Come Off K-3

I've kept my battery grip ON my K-3 pretty much since I got it the last week of November. I've shot a few pics in several different shots -- maybe 1,000, or so -- but with two brand new batteries never needed to remove the grip. I MAY HAVE replaced the battery in the grip once (not sure), but never felt the need to remove it and replace both.

Both are close to depletion at this point, however, and I just thought it would be a good time to recharge both of them, PLUS I want/need to check the serial number of my camera and see if it falls within those that have had some of the issues that have been reported, just so I'll know whether to be on the lookout, or not. but I can't get the little plastic wheels that tighten and loosen the grip to BUDGE!

I've NEVER used this in rain or snow -- at least nothing more than high humidity, or maybe really LIGHT snow when we had the snow storm in February. ALMOST ALL of the pics I shot during that, however, were from underneath my covered patio roof. The LAST time I used it, however, I went to Pearson's Falls up near Tryon, NC, about a month ago. That's a paid visit ($5/person to the Tryon Garden Club), and after parking it's maybe 1/4 -- 1/2-mile hike up a somewhat maintained trail with railing most of the way to the fall. It was a warm day, and I had my both my K-3 and my K-5IIs hanging around my neck (DA* 300 on the K-3, DA* 16-50 on the K-5IIs), and I got pretty sweaty on the way up... Didn't have a tripod I could carry (only working one I had with me was too heavy for that hike), so I just had to increase my ISO a bit lean against trees, etc., and hand-hold to shoot at the waterfall (pretty decent little fall about 90 feet high). Then, after "recovering" from the hike, I had to walk back. I was somewhat sweaty and out of breath when I got BACK to the car, as well.

HOWEVER, I carried towels both ways -- one for me to wipe sweat off me -- another to wipe anything off the cameras, and I didn't see them get any noticeable sweat or mist from the fall on them (shooting area wasn't really close enough to the fall to get much mist, anyway).

Soooooo, I don't think I've exposed the K-3 to anything that could have caused RUST to accumulate on the screw for the battery grip. Of course, when I put it on, it was just "finger tight," although I made it "tight" finger tight, as I wanted to ensure the WR properties were "in force." NOW, even using a "rubber grippy" made for the kitchen I can't get it to budge. I don't have a screwdriver handy right here, but I tried the open end of an old wire stripper (I covered the LCD with my other hand when I did that, in case it slipped). It DOES slip; it just doesn't get it to turn.

There are four tiny screws on the bottom of the grip. I imagine if I removed them I could go THROUGH it to reach the screw mechanism, but I don't want to go that route if I don't have to. I could also maybe use something like WD-40, but again, I'm hesitant to try something like that without someone with MORE EXPERIENCE THAN ME telling me they think that's OK to do.

I CAN tell you this... once I finally DO get it off, I'll be extremely careful about how tight I put it on in the future!

Any ideas?


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