Cycling the Sahara desert

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Re: Cycling the Sahara desert

nico3d wrote:

RickD wrote:

Inspiring trip and awesome pictures. Congratulations on doing something most of us only dream of. Based on the pictures, your camera seems to be holding up very well to the stresses of cycling. How do you carry it and protect it from vibration, dust etc? I have hesitated to carry my gear even on much shorter trips for this reason.

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Hi Rick ! Thanks a lot for your words.

THe D800 and the lenses are incredibly resistant. In years of traveling, none have been affected by vibrations, or dust and I gotta confess I'm pretty lousy at keeping eveyrthing clean. Something you just can't keep anything clean anyway, that simple.

However, I did have an accident where I dropped my bag D800+14-24 and ruined the focusing system, which later Nikon fixed when I reached a city.
The body does suffer a lot. I got almost the full body replaced after having got corroded in several areas after 6 months of cycling in the tropics. On the other hand, nothing was affected internally, even in the most insane humidity conditions. here's an article I wrote, where you can see in full detail how I carry things and travel like this.


The linked video of Tibet was incredibly informative and entertaining, thank you!

I see you have a D4! You shouldn't even worry about a train running over it I guess

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Your Flickr site is amazing - from the Tibetan plateau to the Sahara


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