Down year for cameras affecting rate of product release?

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Zvonimir Tosic
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We shall see more amazing cameras

When market comes to it full maturity, and is saturated, then time comes we shall see only more innovative and more amazing cameras. Also more hi-end, better lenses.

Because to saturate the market, one needs no "amazing camera" of any kind or some "brilliant glass" — one needs just the millions upon millions of the same worn-out, mature tech on its way out, or to be turned into something else.

Then after that, comes a time of intense profiling into better and smarter products, or, the next turn of innovation in specific areas of interest.

(Mind you, the same problem faced PC industry. Then same problem will face smartphone market in a few years, as it is already saturating! The next thing will be wearables, etc.)

The K-3, I think, is a forerunner camera in that new era of new breed of outstanding future cameras. The basis of tech thus far was so well polished up and mature it makes a solid platform for further enhancements into an amazing photographic experience. For example, things like selectable AA filter, horizon aligning, much better shutter mechanism, etc. were possible only after some groundwork has been done ; only then such additions made sense.

The K-3 tells loud and clear that it was refined and designed to withstand the test of time. It was not a camera made to sell by billions, but to open a new era of highly sophisticated imaging. And that is where I should be aiming if I were Ricoh Imaging.

In the future we shall not see too many new "same-old-song" cameras (perhaps Canon, Olympus and Nikon will still play that boring song), but we shall see more refined cameras like Sigma Quattro, the K-3, 645Z, X100s, etc.

It is pity Nikon did not deliver much with its Df to be a camera of the new breed, but it made it with a pound of ancient tech inside a puzzling, and not so intuitive shell. And that is why many were underwhelmed because they were expecting a refinement, the next step, but Nikon just whistled the only tune they know.

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