Day out in golden acre park with my XZ-2

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Aaron Sur Senior Member • Posts: 1,160
Re: Day out in golden acre park with my XZ-2

I think you are being a bit harsh on yourself. Those photo books are published after much editing. Did you know that National Geographic photographers shoot only raw.High end commercial printing uses different color spaces not the RGB we see on our LCDs and computer monitors

With the greatest of respect your favorite photo editing software is ten years old. Raw Therapee is free(open source) and Capture One express /lightroom are all available as free trial downloads. If you have an ipad Snapseed is good simple editor. Software included with cameras is just not capable of giving you the same result as C1 or lightroom.

A recent raw program will have dedicated profiles for your camera in the case of Capture One there is a profile for the XZ-2 lens so you can remove fringing distortion and vignetting etc . This enhances the final image quality.It works on all my cameras and raw files from cameras I have retired.

This was about a minutes worth of effort in Snapseed

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