86" Shoot through PLM - Using as scrim.

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Re: 86" Shoot through PLM - Using as scrim.

Nikonparrothead wrote:

Phil wrote:

I was late last night when the lack of a scrim in my arsenal stuck me. I think there one in my 5:1 reflector but I rarely work with an assistant. I do have attachments to clamp it to my boom arm but I've never used them (using an off camera fill instead). Now there's one on the way.

How do I mount an 86" PCB PLM Shoot through as a scrim. I could fashion a hanging mount for my boom arm but that limits usage to direct overhead hours unless I make a rigid clamp and that could tweak this light boom stand.

The other option I've thought of is using a super clamp to grab the crossbar on my background set-up and sandbag the two 12' stands. The cross bar does not rotate so a grippy faced clamp would allow setting the angle of tilt.

Ideas? Feedback?

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Phil Agur
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Personally, I'd put something like this on your boom and secure it in the grip head.


I've seen several photographers use a large parabolic umbrella as a scrim for bad light. I used one myself a couple weekends back -- but had a person holding the umbrella. Depending on the wind, it could be an issue on a stand -- regardless of the amount of sandbags.

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I think the answer is the assistant or if I say lets try over there we lose a half an hour.

But I can solve the sandbags... With augers. However the stand would like crumble under the strain of a gust of wind.


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Phil Agur
“Imagination is more important than knowledge..." -- Albert Einstein

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