Will future Pentax cameras be connected?

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Re: Will future Pentax cameras be connected?

I think you have to look at this a bit broader. It's about the workflow, that has to be reinvented to cope with the "connected world". I mean, a lot of us are probably shooting RAW, and you're not going to do serious editing on your camera's display anyway, are you? Cropping, whitebalance adjustments? You need a good screen for that, and some good apps to let you do all this.

With that in mind, I think we will move to a situation where you don't have the memory card as such anymore in your camera. It won't even have a memory card slot. Your RAW photos will be seemlessly stored on an iPad or another tablet with a good-quality screen and editing apps (maybe they will be stored on fast internal memory in the camera first so this process can happen asynchronously). Then you can judge critical sharpness, do some editing and publish your photo from your tablet (or a laptop)

This will also make the need for 3G (and thus a simcard) in a camera irrelevant.

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