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Chris Mak wrote:

Ron, I came to Pentax from Olympus. The only Olympus camera to date that I reálly like, is the "ancient" E1! The lenses were stellar, but from the E3 it was not very heavenly camera wise.
These low resolution CCD cameras have a great look, but K am not nostalgic here: 24mp is four times better than 6mp.

Hi Chris,

FWIW: The K10D is a 10mp camera. I have made many great 13x19 inch prints from this fine camera.

Still, the K3 is the camera that I really feel makes me realise why I spend a lot on Zeiss lenses. The K5IIs, great as it was, still had these "strangely sharp" edges in A3+ sized prints.
My point: the new generation 24mp CMOS sensor cameras finally catch up on all fronts with the older CCD cameras: rich colors, very few artifacts, smooth transitions. Come to think of it: last week I sild my K5IIs, and try as I might, I cannot think of any possible K3 successor than a Pentax 35mm camera! Great shot b.t.w. (and the K3 is also véry nice when you keep the iso down, I dread to see all these iso 1600 K3 birding images! It does nog show the K3 at its best)

You seem to be a littly picky to me Chris. I don't dread that at all. I have no problem shooting at or viewing images that were taken at ISO1600 on either the K-5 IIs or the K-3. I also have no problem printing them out at 13x19 inches.


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Ron, what I was trying to say, was that these "old" CCD cameras often get praised for their color rendition, but at the same time: "don't shoot them above iso 400". So these cameras are always showcased at ideal low iso settings.
At the same time, the CMOS cameras are often said to have a bit less in the color rendition department, but are often used at unneccessarily high iso settings. Anyone can easily see at DXO measurements that color sensitivity plummets at above iso 400-800.
It seems a bit contrdictory to me to use CMOS cameras at high iso because they produce less noise. That's fine, just don't judge rhe color rendering qualities at these settings. Too much flat colored pictures are produced if unneccessarily high iso settings are used.


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