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Re: Parsing D5300 GPS

Eurodynamica wrote:

Hi All!

I'm currently working my way through familiarization with my *new* D5300 just before a trip, and have just arrived at the GPS function. This feature received a lot of flak when the D5300 was introduced, and I think I see why:

The GPS locks on about as well as can be expected, say 30 seconds under reasonable conditions, but, as mine was shipped, when the D5300 goes to sleep after a period of inactivity, it appears to switch off the GPS. Using the internationally recognized metric of number of flashes by the 'GPS searching' icon, it seems to take between 15 to 30 flashes to restore the fix following waking up the camera via depressing the shutter button. This might be warm start time.

When I enable logging the wake up time is about 5-6 flashes. This might be camera wakeup time.

When I go into the Location Data/GPS Options menu and turn 'Standby Timer' OFF, then the camera appears never to go asleep and the GPS is always locked on.

And eating up your battery!

So, it seems to be that you have to be in this last configuration if your scenario requires an immediate response from the camera.

According to the manual (D5300VRRM_(En)01.pdf) only says that, on this last setting, the exposure meters remain on, not mentioning the LCD etc.

So the question is: Does anyone have experience concerning battery life expectancy in this mode? I would mount an investigation myself, but I am working on a shortened timeline here.

It's best not to leave it on. It can really eat up your batteries and seriously reduce the number of flashes and available shots. Solution: Carry a second battery.

Just in case anyone out there is wondering, once the camera has locked on, it seems to have a pretty good grasp on the signal, and is not overly prone to dropping out.

Thanks in advance

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