Comparing Lightroom v5.4 vs Photo Ninja vs Irident

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Chad Hardy
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Re: Comparing Lightroom v5.4 vs Photo Ninja vs Irident

Chad Hardy wrote:

Screenshots of your computer screen are not the best rendition of accurate color or sharpness. It is best to post JPEGs individually.

You are taking a landscape or scene shot at f5.6 which leaves a decent amount of the picture out of focus. Bump it up to f8 or f11.

When I pull this shot up in LR, it would be a reject for me due to sharpness in general. I would not work on the detail because you aren't going to get much with so much of the image OOF.

When I open the RAF in ID I still see blurred branches in the tall pine on the right. They just aren't in focus. It is a less than idea photo to start with.

I have toiled over this very issue with many a picture in LR and I do realize there is an issue. the crazy thing is it isn't with every picture of foliage. Some have it, some don't. So for me if I see it I just open in ID and fix it up. If I don't see it LR does the work.

When I don't see it, I personally feel LR does a better job with my RAW conversion than ID. I like the film sim profiles better, and the shadow detail recover on LR is ages ahead of ID.

The unfortunate answer for X trans users is you really need that security blanket PN or ID for those few images that don't look well enough in LR.

Here is a photo I took a few days ago. It was shot at f2.4 on purpose, but as you can see there are no painterly effect leaves.


As you can see no painterly effect at all. In fact when I compare to the same type of processing in ID I like the LR version better. The shadow recovery is superior. Here is the ID version:

ID with same film sim, shadow recovery, sharpening

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