Nikon d3300 vs Fujifilm XE1?!?!?

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Re: Nikon d3300 vs Fujifilm XE1?!?!?

PatrickVienna wrote:

Hi people,i want to buy a new camera and i came on a crossroad-can please someone lighten me up-which one has the better Pic. quality? Pic. quality is all i care about.

It depends on how you want to use your images.

If you like post processing your images from RAW files, any of the recent Nikon cameras are pretty much the best game in town.

If you want jpeg images that don't require a lot of processing straight out of the camera, the Fuji is pretty much the best game in town.

Check out the reviews of each, and pay particular attention to how dpr reviewers discuss the out of camera jpeg results of the fuji, if jpeg performance is important to your requirements that is.

You will probably have a wider (and cheaper) selection of lenses with Nikon.

The Fuji lenses are really high quality, but the range is more limited (at the moment) and they are more expensive.

The Fuji x series is becoming (deservedly) very popular though, and the lens range is increasing quickly.

Either camera is capable of great results if you understand the respective strengths/weaknesses of each system.

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