GR sensor dust myth/issue

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Re: GR sensor dust - Yuck! ... yuck, and yuck again ...

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Naturally I am not game to test my R4 similarly, it would probably make me cry as that camera went to hell and back through dust clouds that only Australia and a few other places could produce. I imagine that the sensor might look more like something that the pepper shaker might produce.

Well. I can tell from experience with a Ricoh Caplio R3 which have the same zoom that the dust-sealing in it probably not are very good either. My first one which I bought used only had some minor dust-spot which rarely showed up when I got it. Then after having carried it in jeans-pocket for about two or three weeks there suddenly was some more in pictures which included blue skies.

Eventually I found a R3 with a decent copy of that zoom, without bad corner sharpness, which I carried more safe. I bought an original Ricoh SC 60, a small leather-case for it and have not had any noticeable problem with dust in that one. Unfortunately the zoom in that R3 was damaged when I tested trousers in a store as the whole SC60 case slipped down from my belt and down onto the floor, still with the camera inside it. But then about 15 min later when I for the first time would use it again for birdpicture it refused to work and the zoom got stuck in the out-position.

Bought another used R3 which not have had serious problem with dust either as far as I know. One small dust spot which occasionally can be seen in blue skies probably already was there when I bought it as that R3 is well used as can be seen by wear of paint of the shutter-release button and also the two for the zoom.

I would like to upgrade to a newer small travelzoom with acceptable HD-video but have not found some good one yet despite having had a look at full size sample images from this year's crop of travelzoom compacts. There is too much NR which not can be turned Off according to the Pdf manuals.

Of this year's crop the Canon SX700 could be the best one for image quality. The older Sony HX50 might be ok after some tweaking with in-camera parameters as there also are NR among the options.

I was badly disappointed with the HX60 when I discovered that the NR options seems to have been removed except for maybe Long-shutter time NR which not do anything for normal pictures. Shame as the HX60 seems to be an otherwise promising travelzoom compact which might be good.

Full size sample images in a review..

These sample images are worse than what it is possible to get from the older HX50 with some tweaks. Ali posted quite comprehensive many different settings which in some case included postprecessing. Is well worth having a look at for these interested in what seems to be an at least ok modern travelzoom.

The image quality is not quite on par with the R3/R4 but not way too bad either and the HD videos should be much better. I might be in to at least test the HX50V myself to see if it I may click with it. But should read the reviews first to try and find out if there are some critical hiccups.

I have a good habit of looking at the full size sample images first to get a clue if it might be worth to have a closer look at the review of a camera. Some people are not bothered with a bit of NR but I and some others surely are

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