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Re: buy A850?

abortabort wrote:

abortabort wrote:

abortabort wrote:

But "your A850 cant hold a candle to your A7"(your words)... so why do you care if you can also use those lenses on the A850? You should just buy the Sony FE 35mm 1.4, FE 85mm 1.4 and FE 135mm 2.8.

Seriously why do you need a "BIG mode" for the A7? The only reason for Your A7 "BIG mode" is because those lenses don't yet exist... hence it(LAEA4) is a stop gap solution.

Over it. You are right I should buy all the awesome A-Mount cameras and then sit around twiddling my thumbs hoping the whole system doesn't get shizz-canned.

Why are you questioning me? Huh? Seriously I have explained over and over why I like it and it is for ME.

If you don't like it fine, but don't go telling me that you know better what my needs are. Little keyboard hero.

As far as I am concerned your expert opinion has won the day and this conversation is over. Bravo, you have done your system proud!

Don't have a heart attack. I like the A7, and you can like your camera for what it is, but that doesn't mean I will let you trash the A850 without me saying something about it.

As for the ability to use other lenses, its good..... but if you already have the lens in your native mount, that's better.

So you can go trashing the A7 instead? Seems reasonable, especially being that I didn't 'trash' the A850, I defended it... But hey, an E-Mount camera could never be as good as an A-Mount camera right? Because adapters are bad!

It's a pity that so many A-Mount users think like you do to be honest.

You need to worry about yourself first. You take stuff too personally, I hope this is not how you act in every day situations.

1) Did I ever say that an FF Emount camera couldnt be as good as an Amount? I pointed out the lack of FE lenses, and the fact the zoom lenses have distortion issues.  I am sure Sony will address those.... but until then, there is this temporary solution... the LAEA4.

You cant accept that, but you cant argue with that, which is why you resort to personal attacks.

2) Maybe you should reread this thread. Do these quotes sound like someone who is "Defending" the A850?
A850 is usable up to about ISO 1600 and I say usable quite loosly
I use for what scenarios... and even with native lenses it focusses better than my A850
The A7 is by far the single most flexible camera I have ever used. I still like my A850 but it doesn't hold a candle to it."

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