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A while back I decided I'd like to give timelapse a go. How hard can it be? Answer - much harder than you'd think! I decided to do my first project indoors where I could control factors like light and movement, and overall I'm fairly happy with it considering it's my first attempt. You can see it at the link on the bottom of this message.

Now I am planning my first outdoors venture for a timelapse shoot and my head is full of things like intervals, sunrise times and positions, output video format, frame rates etc etc. That's on top of all the usual stuff I have to think about when out on a shoot.

If anybody else is thinking of timelapse as an interesting diversion from "normal" projects, I can tell you it's very hard work. You need to do a lot of research because there are so many things to remember and so many things that can go wrong.

That said, I've seen some truly amazing work by people with a lot of experience doing this and if I can get even close to doing what they can do then it will have been well worth all the effort and hair-pulling! I'm not sure my shutter will ever forgive me though - a thousand frames of roughly the same scene??? Ouch!


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