Corel release update of ASP

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Re: Corel release update of ASP

First, I rarely post in these forums.

Second, entering “aftershot pro” into the DPReview search box yields this forum–and nothing else. (So perhaps the search engine needs work.)

Third “retouching” is not the same as raw extraction--though they can overlap.

Fourth, okay great you mentioned it, but the fact that Aftershot was significantly updated in May 2014 did NOT make the general news–albeit a section of the website over which you may have no control.

Fifth, I don’t use Fbook, there is no reason to tell a big database my exact personal interests, readings, real friends, etc. For similar+other reasons I don’t use GearShop here.

Sixth, for Aftershot/Bibble: Perfectly Clear is certainly an improvement in noise control over Noise Ninja; tested ASPv2 with ISO 20,000 Nikon D4 raws and a variety of other high ISO raws from the Canon 6D, Samsung NX100, and Nikon Df.

Seems stable enough on my Windows 7 machine , didn’t use much RAM–but I had 12GB to begin with.

Didn’t try HDR.

I don’t like that the libraries have to construct specialized Aftershot versions, akin to LightRoom and CaptureOne.

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