Canon FD & FL lenses on Nikon D5100 DSLR

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Re: Adapting Canon FD & FL lenses to Nikon DSLR

fotowbert wrote:

Adapting Canon FD & FL lenses to Nikon DSLRs is possible but has a major limiting problem.

The 42.0 mm flange registration distance of Canon FD/FL lens is shorter than the 46.5 mm for the Nikon F mount. This means an adapter without corrective optics will position the lens too far from the sensor for infinity focus. The adapter acts as a short extension tube.

Adapters that achieve infinity focus contain a corrective lens. This gives an increases in the effective focal length of the Canon lens and usually degrades optical quality.

Mirrorless cameras with their very short flange distances allow these orphaned FD/FL lenses to once again be used. The Sony NEX/alpha E mount and micro 4/3 forums have members actively using Canon legacy lens via adapters.

For the record the Canon FD/FL lenses do not use electrical communication. They are purely mechanically controlled.

  • John

Dear John,

First, thank you and the rest of responders!

If I understand correctly, light metering may be a problem as well? Hmm, not good. It's just that I think it is a shame to have a lens collection stored that may still be able to render good images.

However, it is interesting that mirrorless cameras may be a plausible way to go in the future.

Thanks again! I appreciated the thoughtful comments.

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