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Re: GR sensor dust - Yuck!

Yes what else is there to say, other than that I'm glad that I didn't buy the GR. The missing PD AF was another straw to put me off and If Ricoh not has done anything at least to the GRII to speed up the AF, I definitely wont buy that one either. Especially since it likely is about to use the same lens again.

When this problem first was brought up several months ago I wasn't surprised considering that all other GRDs has been affected. Maybe the GRD III and IV have fared better than the GRDI and II. not entirely sure about that though.

We can at least hope that Ricoh might improve with a better dust sealing which they've done in the past for the GX100 zoom when it was time to make the GX200. The GX100 dust issues was well known while we have heard little about it regarding the GX200.

But that is partly because the GX200 likely sold less well due to competition from similar cameras like Panasonic LX3. But nonetheless the dust sealing wasn't the same as before, thankfully a better, which can be read about in an other thread

Actually managed to find an inexpensive GX100 with crashed zoom on ebay which I bought and paid the service center to get it repaired. Was lucky to got a good copy of that zoom as far as corner sharpness at full aperture go. The front barrel somehow had been wrongly glued on at the Chinese factory but I managed to correct that myself after a little bit of work.

Eventually I sold that GX100 again because I found it to be a Raw-only camera as there was too much sharpening artifacts etc, even with the sharpening set to -2.

I'm not using the GRDI a lot more partly due to the issue with dust sealing and also the metering which is easily gets fooled to burn highlights badly in mixed light, almost no matter how much exposure compensation. There is at least one work around for that problem and that is to use spot-metering combined with macro AF so that the focus point can be moved around. But that is a rather slow process. For general use I found center-metering to require less exposure compensatio, as for many other Ricoh compacts which I've used.

Instead of the GRDI I'm now mostly using The Ricoh caplio R3 and a Contax TVS Digital, which I bought as used mostly out of curiousity to get to know what it in fact was like by using one myself. Even though I had a look at various reviews I was not entirely sure what it was like and it managed to exceed my expectations. The handling is similar to that of early Ricohs which have the Adj-button like the first Ricoh Caplio GX 5mp, short shutter release lag etc and pretty much standard zoom for the time being, 35-105mm which is a superb except for maybe occasional CA which not has showed up a lot in all the images taken with it. Have used it for many things including street photography and occasional low-light.

That CZ-branded zoom is most likely the same as in some other which also was manufactured by Kyocera like the first Kyocera Finecam S5 and some other. They claimed otherwise in statement about the zoom but I don't believe it is any different other than maybe the maybe the coating.

AF is not very fast but at least very accurate for most of the time and can even lock in not very good light if it is given an attempt or two.

I found iso 320 which is the next highest setting to be surprisingly useful as there is no filthy smudgy NR unlike so many other newer cameras. Default sharpness settings is too high as can be seen in full size samples in reviews but -1 works quite well for a good and natural look.

For about one or two weeks ago I began to write a small review of this camera based on a longer time of usage. I don't know exactly when it is ready as I not intend to hurry it out.

One other thing I appreciate with the TVSD is that it have a rather good dust-sealing so that it can be carried in a jeans-pocket unlike the GRDI. I've had repeated problem with dust with my old scuffed GRDI and has got to sensor-clean it myself as it is out of warranty.

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