Time to rethink the KIT LENS idea?

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Re: Time to rethink the KIT LENS idea? Not hardly!

KentG wrote:

Your sentiment is good but you are fighting the known demographics. Something over 75% of existing DSLR owners buy only 2 lenses for their camera in their lifetime. That is the sole reason the camera makers have 2 lens "kits". All the other lenses in their lens maps are done to capture the business of the remaining less than 25% of DSLR buyers. Putting out better ($$$) kit lenses means their kits are not competitive against their rivals price wise. That would hurt their business worse that any other thing they could do wrong. We are that remaining 25% and we tend to buy bodies not kits. We may have bought a kit in the past but now we know better. Since most of their business is that sell and forget 75% do you think there is any valid reason for what you are asking for? I don't see how.

I'm not sure about your 25% to 75% statistics, but even assuming it to be the case, I strongly believe that the 25% minority are actually the people who preserve the whole photography business and bringing much more money to the companies over a longer time. The 75% may buy a camera and a kit lens (or two!) once and forever, but it is the rest 25% who (possibly) stay with a brand, upgrading their cameras, buying a selection of lenses and accessories and so on. I don't think if a better quality (and logically! more expensive) kit lens will kill the business of non-professional majority, but instead will definitely give them more chance to enjoy their unique camera bodies much more (whatever Pentax camera they have). This way the probability that a amateur shooter upgrades to a more professional level will increase, and this in turn will rise the number of long term Pentax shooters who invest much more money in their camera gears in the future.

Note that the whole Pentax lens prices (including kit lenses) are all over the map. I think the Pentax strategy is to sell very good camera bodies with more affordable prices (compare to other verdicts) and  compensate the lower price of the camera by very expensive (though high quality) lenses. This can also explain the reason why they do not improve their kit lenses.

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