Should the Quattro be 24 MP instead of 19.6?

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Re: Should the Quattro be 24 MP instead of 19.6?

Same but I never thought they would be using the recently patented Quattro sensor so soon. It is brilliant though since it could satisfy both ends of Foveon users, those who desired high resolution and those who desired best possible image quality.

As other's pointed out, diffraction starts differently for each color/wavelength/layer which makes the bottom layer just perfectly sized (IMHO) when considering many factors. Take this post from LL how diffraction affects a medium format camera which I think has smaller pixels than the SD14 sensor.

mike earussi wrote:

Actually, I'm surprised they increased the resolution at all (probably just a function of going back to the original SD14/15 size pixels underneath) given all the complaints with the slow processing time of the Merrills.

Also the Merrill was pretty much diffraction limited by around f5.6 to f8, so the Quattro will be even less, and 24mp around f4. And how many want to shoot at just f4 or wider without crapping out the sensor?

And if you're wanting 24mp then an H size sensor would provide that and still not be diffraction limited at f5.6. Unfortunately, Sigma just doesn't have any wide angle lenses for that size yet (that are any good), though to me an APS-H size would seem to be the next logical step before the much higher cost of a FF body.

Finally, I don't know why Sigma claims a resolution increase of 30%, unless it's just a mistranslation, because obviously the actual figures are a 33% increase in pixels yielding a 15% increase in resolution.

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