Uglyfying your camera to prevent theft. Show us what you have done.

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Re: Uglyfying your camera to prevent theft. Show us what you have done.

Commiserations for the arrogant response your thread has received .

You asked people to share examples of what they had done.  You didn't ask for peoples opinion on whether it was necessary.

If you had a thread asking to see peoples flash set ups you wouldn't expect dozens of responses belittling your choice to use a flash.

Since people have raised the issue of the necessity I feel i must back up your corner.  In my opinion of course a shittier looking camera is less likely to be robbed than a brand new expensive looking one.  Thieves are after things they can sell and there is a bigger market for new expensive obviously digital cameras. Of course most thieves are opportunists but some will assault you or threaten you to rob you, and they are less likely to risk arrest if it isn't a sure thing that what you have is expensive.  If it helps just 1% that is an improvement on your safety.  Even if it doesn't do anything, if it makes the owner feel better then why would another photographer care?   Of course, being aware of your surroundings and looking physically capable also help.

I thought it was good question and it would be interesting to see what people have done to modify the appearance of their camera.

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