Should the Quattro be 24 MP instead of 19.6?

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Re: Should the Quattro be 24 MP instead of 19.6?

It is a well chosen decision by Sigma.  The middle and bottom layers have a pixel count very similar to the 4.7 MP Foveon sensor where I'm sure they have lots of experience with.

The 4.7MP Foveon has a pixel pitch optimal (in the wavelengths of Red) for shooting at f5.6 or wider if you're the one who just doesn't want his "files" near diffraction limits.

I can't find fault in Sigma's design decisions with the Quattro, including the quirky body shape which has come from, I believe, three major components which are:  "The desire for a larger battery that has to be in the hand grip".  "The electronic components that are thin but the PCB board required is still large".  "Lens performance equal to its sensor hence the larger size and weight having an aperture of f2.8 only."

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