D70 with accessories for $85

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Re: D70 with accessories for $85

Dennis2 wrote:

I have a local photo store selling D70 + 3 batteries + remote for $85. Reportedly in good condition.

A few month back I saw D70 sell for $200 to $300, not sure if there were extras.

So just wondering if this is a good price ... If I want to buy this, do I look for anything specific? I mean is that a fair price or should I skip this deal?

Despite the advances in newer models, the D70 is still a very capable camera IF it is still in good working condition.

Look at all sides of the camera.  Wear or scuffs wouldn't bother me, but look for any cracks or any evidence of it being dropped.

Check the battery compartment to check for signs of corrosion.

If it doesn't come with a lens, put a lens on it and take a series of photos at various shutter speeds and apertures to make sure the internals are working properly.

Take a photograph of a white wall (or plain blue sky) at f22 (or at least f16) and look at the image  after increasing the contrast to look for excessive dirt or scratches on the sensor.  dirt can be cleaned, but scratches are a deal killer.

Make sure the flash works.

Photo stores usually have a clear idea of how much equipment is worth so if it seems cheap . . .

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