Street photos: Jpeg or RAW

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Re: Street photos: Jpeg or RAW

Jpeg in-canera engines get better and better with time.  Brands like Fuji and Sony have really broken some boudries here in the past years.  In many cases the final result is that close to what one would be able to process with raw PP that it is hardly worth the additional workflow .   However it will always be true that with RAW you will have that additional amount of digital material to work with.

I would rather concentrate on becoming a good photographer from a content point of view rather than being to much bothered by gear , pixels and formats And other technical aspects.  In case you have your settings in the " OK range " to begin with you will will be able to get a very satisfying result from your Jpegs.  I is recommendable to keep your  original Jpeg till you are 100% sure about any changes you make on it as you can never turn back in case you have altered a Jpeg without having saved the original.   Jpegs actually " deteriorate"  with each processing you do on them.

Upto  10 Mb Jpeg files from todays engines  however contains quit some data to play around with.

Just get your act together re your settings , shoot ahead  and become better in time.

Happy shooting


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