How to autofocus action videos with systemcamera?

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Re: How to autofocus action videos with systemcamera?

Stemu wrote:

RRRoger, have you compared autofocus in V1 and Gh4 with equivalent lenses? What kind of differences you see?

I have not done a side by side.

Using my memory, I would say the V1 is better than the GH3 but not the GH4. One thing I really like is the 10-100 PowerZoom on the V1. The fact that I still have it even though other cameras have come and gone should tell you something about it. At the time I got the V1 it was the only pocket camera I tested (hands on) that I could shoot with without a lot of blurs (due to the fast and accurate focus).

I prefer a D800 for Horses that are jumping because of the controls and resolution. And a D5300 or GH4 at 1080 P60 because it really helps with the action even if you do not use it for slow motion.

So far, I have not had great results with 4k. It may take some time to get used to and post processing is very difficult, but the frame grabs could be very usefull.

None of the above are good for walk arounds for me. I move too fast. My understanding is that you need follow focus and two men to do that right.

Most of my Video work is done on a TriPod unattended. You need a GH3-4 or external recorder for continuous recording.

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