Time to rethink the KIT LENS idea?

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Re: The K-01 for example

Mark Ransom wrote:

I bought my K-01 with the 40mm pancake as a kit, and it's just about a perfect pairing. Here's an example from last weekend:

Split Rock Lighthouse

Sweet shot, Mark.

I've also seen the K-5II and K-3 sold in "kits" with either the DA 50 F 1.8 (a prime, but not what I'd call a "quality" prime), as well as other possible "kit" combos, such as the DFA 50 F 2.8 Macro and 10-17 fisheye. These were all B&H deals, not, so far as I know pre-packaged Pentax kits, but all the same, in every case, the camera was available at a discount, and the lens(es) were available at usually a substantial discount along with it (including the deals I just mentioned for the K-3, which is a current deal at B&H)

I agree with whoever it was who posted that perhaps they should offer a "beginners kit," an "enthusiasts kit" and maybe a "pro kit," with the lenses appropriate for each level, and perhaps offer customers a choice of one or two lenses at each kit level. NOBODY is doing that. Maybe it's too complicated; maybe not. Doesn't seem that way to me, so long as you don't go all out with special packaging for each "kit" until you see how it's going to work out. "Kits" could still be sold in the individual camera and lens boxes. Since I haven't bought a kit beyond buying the K-3 SE, which came with the battery grip, I don't know if they include the lenses in the same packaging, or not, in kits, but were they to try doing various "kits," they shouldn't HAVE to.


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