How to test "blue spots" with LT I or LT II?

Started May 31, 2014 | Discussions thread
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TCMking Forum Member • Posts: 64
How to test "blue spots" with LT I or LT II?


Since I only own LT II (FD-NEX), anyone could clarify how to create "blue spots" with LT I?

I've taken some pics with the sun right above the flower (and I am facing the sun). It looks okay to me (not a good framing but for testing purpose :p). Does it happen with wide open aperture or smaller aperture?

Canon LT II with FD Chrome Nose 35mm 2.0 @ f2.0

Facing the sun directly (@ f2.0)

Facing the sun again (@f16)

Looks like regular flare to me as I am not too surprise for FD 35mm 2.0 Chrome Nose as it is not even SSC.

Also, someone requests to see some shots with infinity:

Comments/suggestions welcome



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