The camera doesn't matter? Who came up with this?

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The camera doesn't matter? Who came up with this?

I keep reading the camera doesn't matter, it's the person holding the camera.....I'm not sure this is true.  I mean, I understand the point they are trying to make, but over the weekend I took pictures at a river/waterfall with two different cameras and the difference is phenomenal.

So I'm going to go ahead and say the camera and gear makes all the difference in the world. Looking at the two sets of images, they were considerably different. Not only could I do things on the more advanced setup, things to make the waterfall "mist" but they just looked so much better.  The second camera, can't really crop.  I was viewing on a laptop, and not expecting close crops, but to zoom in on a person, the first camera still showed the person, the second much more quickly than I anticipated became pixels.

I guess this is just the first time I've taken photos with two different cameras at the same time and really seen the difference.

I'm not trying to minimize how important the photographer is, but I've read many statements since starting photography about how the gear just really doesn't matter, that a pro could take great photos with a phone.  I'd just like to say that I for one, think the gear makes so much of a difference.  Even starting out, it really makes you want to get into photography more when you have the tools to produce.

I by no means have the best gear, but one reason I never took photos until recently, I think, was that the stuff my friends had, my girlfriends' cheaper point and shoots, my phone....just never produced anything I liked.  I only happened to get going on this hobby because people were telling me I travelled a lot and needed a camera since I never take any pictures, not even with my phone.  So I found a nikon j1 by accident on clearance and was maybe getting it for my girlfriend, so I was setting it up, but after taking a couple of shots, I was surprised with the colors, with how good and crisp everything looked.  So I got hooked.  I don't think this would have happened if the ooc images weren't good at the beginning.

Am I wrong and just on my way to becoming a gear head, always lusting after lenses and new bodies I can't afford, or are these blogs and posts I've been reading wrong.  Or...does the truth lie somewhere in the middle.  That for some people, thy are born with a desire to capture the world, and they would find a way to make anything work, where some people need a quality kit to start out, so they like the pictures they take and are encouraged to continue the hobby?

Nikon 1 J1
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