SMDV Diffuser-70 or Westcott 43 Apollo Orb

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Re: SMDV Diffuser-70 or Westcott 43 Apollo Orb

A couple of general rules to keep in mind when you are selecting a diffuser for portraiture.

1. The diffuser should be as large or larger than the subject. In other words, the SMDV is only big enough for head and shoulders portraits. The Apollo Orb is fine for anything between head shots to mid-thigh up.  You need something bigger for standing/lying portraits.

2. For portraits you position the diffuser at distances from the subject of between 1 and 2 times the diagonal/diameter for the best mixes of soft light and light fall off across the subject.

A hot-shoe flash is equal to about a 60Ws strobe when it is placed in a softbox or used with an umbrella. This means that you will not be able to work at your base ISO for the best image quality unless you are willing to work with very wide apertures.  The larger the diffuser the more power is needed for the same ISO & aperture.  Going to studio strobes gives you more power and greater flexibility.

If you do want a small hot-shoe flash softbox then you should consider this one from B&H.  It is a good quality softbox at a budget price.

B&H - Interfit Strobies Folding Softbox (24 x 24") STR127

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