Can Pentax make A Decent Lens? Ricoh have not fixed QC issues...

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Re: Can Pentax make A Decent Lens? Ricoh have not fixed QC issues...

JeffAHayes wrote:

Don't ya know better than to shake the right side of your camera while taking a picture, Trevor? The right side will always be fuzzy if you do! 


For a while I thought it had something to do with anti-shake, but once I started taking these sorts of photos and analysing them I realised the lens construction or assembly was the real culprit.  It's all down to quality control.

Seriously, ummmmmm, although I also bought the F1.8 50mm, I did it ONLY because I was able to get a really good price for it from B&W when I bought my K-5IIs after Christmas (a bit less than $150). That lens has A PLASTIC MOUNT! Why I never! I still didn't believe it until I actually had it in my hands! A PLASTIC MOUNT!!!

Pentax (and others) have been doing plastic mounts on cheaper lenses for a few years now.

Are you seriously suggesting that the problems I have shown are mount-related? 

I would say it's all in the glass

Ya get what you pay for. If you're trying to see how good of a lens Pentax makes these days, I'd say testing that lens on a camera that's 4 or 5 generations old IS likely NOT the best way to go about it!

A good lens will work just as well on an old camera as it will on a new.

Sometimes newer bodies focus better, but an older body is still capable of properly showing a good lens.

I'm not in the lens testing business - I'm trying to get a good copy of the very highly rated DA50 f1.8 to use on my old Pentax bodies.  Good lenses make old bodies work great!

I also own the DA* 16-50 and DA* 300, and I couldn't ASK for sharper lenses with better definition, color and clarity.

Again. You get what you pay for.

Then someone needs to explain to me why DPR and Photozone (and there could be others), when they tested the DA55 f1.4 had to keep requesting replacement lenses to continue or complete the test/review, because they kept on getting decentred copies?

That fact is noted in their reviews.

That's an $800 prime, isn't it?

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