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Re: One month with the A7r

The a7r is a very nice camera but its not good enough FPS or HDR.

there are apps that claim HDR ability but dont be fooled they are a fail.

my nikon d800 is unbeatable when it comes to doing 9 brackets HDR and i dont need to use a cellphone, cord or anything to fire off the brackets..

sony made a huge fail in regards to HDR.

for HDR enthusiasts like  myself it will require a remote trigger cord and shooting 3 brackets only. you could do more but requires manual intervention.

The Cons:

1. only 3 brackets for HDR

2. no built in interveloper

3. no timer for bracketing

unable to to do 1 stop brackets at more than 3 brackets

the extra picture enhancement features and apps will NOT work in raw mode, must be jpeg.

honestly i prefer RAW as i can get alot from that image in ACR than a jpeg.

the apps for most part fail because they require shooting in raw, or limit functions like zoomin and other basic features.

I myself dont use the LCD, which turns on all the time as default which via menu you can disable it completely...but when you want to change a function it cant use the lcd now it has to be done only via viewfinder. this is retarded. what i've done is mapped a button to turn off the LCD but this must be pressed each time I turn the camera back on.

4. The Fn button, personally is in a spot where the lower part of my thumb manages to press this button all the time by accident and if thats not abd enough the  meaty, lower part of my thumb rubs against the dial which changes settings, like drive mode, iso, all without me noticing it. I wish there was a way to lock/disable the Fn button. I mean Cmon its right beside where you rest your thumb for grip, imo its in a bad place. the Fn should instead be where the AEL button is, recessed. The Fn button is raised, making it real easy to accidentally roll your thumb over it.

5. unable to use camera while its charging. this is plain dumb...I have a mophie juice pack thats great for charging anything via usb - you could easily keep on in your backpack, fanny pack, run cord to camera or for astrophotography have it hooked up so you can shoot for hours, the whole night....but no sony in their infallible wisdom decided to make your camera useless while plugged in via usb!!

The Pros:

1. small, light and powerful like my Nikon D800

2. i can use many many lens, i now prefer to use small prime lens. I ditched my zoom lens. I'm a lot more lighter when i travel. Going back to basics is refreshing, I"m truly enjoying the experience of manual focus. I used film cameras back in the day which takes me back to that feeling. it may not be for everyone but being able to play with older lens also saves money and they are still high quality.

3. a smaller camera feels more discreet on the street, my nikon d800 with the 24-70 was really intimidating to ppl, they felt like i was zooming into their soul but with the a7r they seem more open, smaller feels less intimidating, ppl seem more willing and open to the shot.

4. maybe for some the apps, wifi and nfc might be good but for me they are junk, they dont help me take pictures and in fact slow me down and limit my real chance at getting the best quality out of a raw file. I never shoot jpeg, raw gives me alot more control in ACR. seems stupid i gotta connect my camera so i can remote fire it, case in point its low light and want to avoid camera shake. how much time do you have to waste to connect camera plus drain battery.

in short, the a7r is good to have as a backup or second camera. its light, many lenses can be used but not ideal for sports photography, not ideal for studio photography where speedlights are needed, there is a flash sync limit.

slowly, i'm using my nikon d800 less and less and finding ways to make the a7r replace those needs. i hope sony listens to complaints and releases a firmware to add 9 brackets, interveloper, time for brackets and full 1 stop EV when going past 3 brackets. And finally addressing issues of the LCD vs viewfinder and the needed custom button mapping. I'd love to remap the Fn button to the C1 button, and simply leave the Fn button to zoom focus or something harmless if pressed by accident.

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