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Re: Bokeh c&c requested

Mike Di Bona wrote:

Hi guys,

I've uploaded this pic I took last night. Just trying to get a feel from you guys on the bokeh.


You say that you like the lens, so what do you care what we think? I'm not criticizing you for posing the question; I'm just a little curious as to your reasons for asking.

It's a nikon 1.8 manual focus. One of the older guys. I like it. Soft background is nice. There's a bit of an oblong shape to the lights across the river there in Saint Paul though. On the right side they reach to the right and on the left side they reach for the left side. See that?

I would agree with the other posters that it's not what would normally be called "good" bokeh, but I rather like it. I question the popular idea that smooth bokeh is always desirable. For example, I have the 50/1.2 Ai, and the out of focus areas can be harsh at times, but I've seen good photographers turn that around and use it to their advantage. It can be fun in low-light street photography, for example, where the outline of the light sources is emphasized, as in your example. I don't have the skill or sense of style to pull that off, to be honest, and I usually opt for another "safer" lens with smoother bokeh, but I respect anybody who can make good use of that type of lens.

All that said, I think a lens with smoother OOF rendering would be better for the type of image you have presented here. But I wouldn't abandon this lens altogether.


Otherwise, all right. Yes that's my wife and yes, she and I both know she's cute

Nikon D300 with f1.8 manual focus lens.

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