Should the Quattro be 24 MP instead of 19.6?

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Should the Quattro be 24 MP instead of 19.6?

I've been thinking that it would not be much different if the Quattro sensor would be 24 MP on the top layer, though its perception by non-Foveon users might be much greater. The middle and bottom layers of the sensor would be 6 MP each. These are "final" number I'm talking about. I wish this was the case.

Yes, I know . . . the damn thing isn't even out yet, but I'm already wishing they had upped the ante more than they are doing. Why? Because I want this sensor to be a huge success, and it it unequivocally wins the resolution challenges that it is likely to be put through over the next year, it will be more successful. Plus I want it to be a bigger upgrade from the Merrill cameras too, of course.

Sure, it will have less noise, and that's great . . . but to me this upgrade seems a little like the upgrade from the Canon 5 D Mk II to the 5 D Mk III. They hardly increased the resolution, but instead concentrated on other stuff. Sure, I know there is supposed to be a 30% increase in resolution, and there is less noise AND higher dynamic range . . . but couldn't they have done all that stuff with a sensor that has 24 MP on the top layer and 6 MP on each of the other two layers? The sensor would be a 36 MP sensor, instead of 46 (the original number they were using). That's a lot closer, and the perception, while it will still be confusing for people, would be that if it has 36 MP worth of photo-sites, it will be the same as the Nikon D800 . . . to some people (who are a little uninformed). As people get more informed about the camera, they will get the information that it can shoot photos with more detail than the Nikon D800E. This might happen anyway, but I think it would be better to have a bigger margin than they're going to have with this new sensor. If they made the sensor with another 7 MP worth of photo-sites (36 MP total instead of 29 MP total) it would still be able to process the photos significantly faster than the old cameras. We would get more of what we want though, right? (sharper photos)

Just a whacky thought from a pixel-peeper. (We Foveon shooters are pixel-peepers of the worst sort, right?)

Anyone else out there agree with me that the upgrade is a little less than what we would like to see? After-all, it's been years since the Merrill sensor was introduced, and now we're not going to see a new, higher-resolution sensor than the Quattro for quite some time now, I'm sure. I'm not suggesting we get a sensor 3 times the resolution of the last sensor, like Sigma gave us with the Merrill, but I figure closer to 50% step up in image detail would be significantly better than 30%. I guess it's splitting hairs a little, but something about the current crop of 24 MP sensors made me think the top layer of the new Quattro sensor should match that.

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