Where's the RX100 I/II/III competition?

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Re: S120 vs RX100 III

technic wrote:

tokumeino wrote:

Try the DPR comparometer (here with OMD, RX100, S120 and GM1). To my POV, comparing at same ISO is pointless beacause with different sensor sizes, you'll get the same FV and DOF (equivalent photos) with different f-numbers and thus, different ISO sensibilities.

.. can't judge what is the most valid comparison for you, but for those working mostly in medium to good light there is something to be said for looking at the lowest native ISO value first, to see maximum image quality.

I agree. You're right : Comparometer

Another issue with this type of comparison is that while m43 has a bigger sensor and as a result better noise performance than 1/1.7" or 1 inch sensor cameras (with all using the same ISO setting), the kit lenses on compact m43 cameras like the GM1 are two stops slower than on the RX100-3 (i.e. you will need 4x higher ISO for the GM1 in the same conditions, assuming the lens quality wide open is good enough).

OK for the principle, but the relative crop factor between M43 and 1" sensors is about 1.5, not 2. This rouglhy leads to a 1 stop difference when calculating equivalences, not 2 stops. That's why I applied a disavantage of twice the ISO to the M43 (not 4x, I'm afraid).

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