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Re: FYI: 70mm equiv

Agree: DPR's stated policy is to use the best possible lens/focal/aperture they can acquire for every ILC. So why use the RX100M3 at max zoom? Limitation of their test set-up -- or could they have tried various focal lengths and found 70mm equiv to be best?

technic wrote:

Dale Cotton wrote:

The DPR studio test shots were done at max focal (as well as f/5.6). Very few, if any, lenses have desirable performance at any extreme of their focal or aperture range. So as far as detail handling goes, think of these test shots as being closer to a worse case -- rather than to a best case -- sampling.

Also keep in mind that for most ILC and DSLR cameras they used another lens than the 'kit' zoom, e.g. in case of the Panasonic GM1 the 1.8/45mm prime was used. Using a prime lens instead of a zoom can strongly skew the comparison. Because of this type of un-comparable settings and situations it is very difficult to draw conclusions.

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