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Re: (GR) Shining under the bridge

Indeed flare is nice. I posted some pictures in an other thread in 2010. http://dpreview.com/forums/thread/2825074

Some photographers don't like flare and claim that it is wrong to take against-the-light images. Maybe it is wrong for they if them can't handle such a scene properly of if their lens or compact camera not is well suited for the task. Surely not every camera or lens is not.

The old Olympus C-860 / D-360L is a real flare-camera in scenes like such light. Too bad that it's capacitor won't hold settings when the AA-batteries are in the charger.

There is also that Oly D-340 and D-340R which uses the same lens. D-340L have iso 60 and 120.

D-340R have iso 100-200 and the D-360L Iso 125, 250 and 500. All of them also uses the same 1mp ccd.

The images with the D-360 may look wild and noisy at full size as I set iso to 500

Overall the old 2mp Coolpix 700 is a better camera overall than that Olympus, though with somewhat less flare. But it is hard to find as used.

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