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Re: Ricoh's anaesthetic approach to its products

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I am wondering if Pentax have started to make the limited lenses again, maybe in Vietnam. The reason I say this is that here in Australia they have always been very difficult to get in black or silver, i had toy buy my black 31mm in the US and my black 77mm was old stock sitting at my dealer, I don't own the 43mm sadly. Lately i have noticed lots of stores here advertising the 77mm in black or silver and the Pentax importer to Australia has a online retail which seems to have all the limiteds in black or silver available, very different to a couple of years back when they could not even give me a guess when they would have a 31mm available.

Lenses are made in large batches. When the inventory is getting low, they make another batch. If the lens has been discontinued, they don't make another batch. There has been no announcement from Ricoh that the FA Limiteds are discontinued. IMO, until we hear official word, FA Limiteds are current lenses, not discontinued and this epitaph thread is premature.

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Do not expect that there will be any coherent, or accurate, or prompt message from Ricoh. They have a penchant for half-articulating down their teeth a "message" no one understands or knows what it meant to convey. Ricoh's anaesthetic approach to marketing products entails putting products into a comatose condition so that users have no idea whether they will suddenly wake up, or, as suspected, be dead, forgotten, and abandoned.

Some recent examples:

User 1: "Is the GR now discontinued"
Ricoh Imaging US: (silence) ... "Let me ckeck ... Yes, it is."
User 2: "Is the GR now discontinued?"
Ricoh Imaging US: "No, it's not".

* *

Ricoh Imaging US: "All new compacts will be branded as Ricoh, and system cameras as Pentax".
Ricoh Imaging Japan: "Some compacts will be branded as Pentax".

* *

Pentax Japan: Selling sixteen FA 645 lenses for decades.
Ricoh Imaging US: 645 FA lenses unknown all these years. Available only since last 4 weeks.
Pentax Australia: "They are not on the website, but you could have ordered any of them thru us, mate."

* *

Distributors: The Pentax MX-1 is now discontinued.
Ricoh Imaging: (silence)

* *

Distributors: The GXR has been discontinued.
Ricoh Imagimg: (silence)
Ricoh Imaging 6 months later after a direct question: "Ah, yes, it's been discontinued."

* *

Interviewer: "So, is the K-01 discontinued?"
Ricoh Imaging: " .. not quite yet."
Ricoh Imaging 4 months later: "The K-01 is now officially discontinued."
Ricoh Imaging 2 months after that: "Actually, some K-01 cameras are to be made again, now in powder blue."

* *


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