DPReview Studio scene comparison up!

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Re: DPReview Studio scene comparison up!


Look at the bottom right corner of the ColorChecker and the black background beside it. Notice the colour (chroma) noise pixels clearly visible in the blacks and dark greys. Presuming that the RX1R was shot at its default noise reduction setting, this is a very minimal noise reduction indeed.

If I open the image file in Lightroom and apply even a slight amount of luminance and chroma noise reduction it looks very good indeed.

(BTW: I hadn't thought of comparing the RX100M3 to the very high bar set by the RX1R. I'm impressed by how well the Mk3 does stand up, though of course the RX1R certainly has a clear edge all around. But how much of that is due to the Mk3 being used at its max focal length? How would it look at 35mm equiv like the RX1R?)

GeorgeP256 wrote:

If I compare the RX100-3 to the RX1R, the RX1R images are noiser. Anyone have any thoughts on why that is?

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