Time to rethink the KIT LENS idea?

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Re: Time to rethink the KIT LENS idea?

I agree with the consensus, Zvonimir, although I also agree with you, in principle. But then, like everyone else in this forum, I fall into the enthusiast/semipro category, so I WOULD agree with you, in principle.

But as half the respondents have already said, there's HAS TO BE a very good reason why EVERY MAJOR CAMERA MAKER has what appears to be almost the very same F3.5-5.6 18-55 primary kit lens. I have no idea how such a kit lens BECAME the kit lens of choice for cameras (that seems to have happened during my "hiatus" from the business), but it's certainly well ensconced at this point, and if one company dropped these inexpensive kit options, thus raising its minimum kit price, ALL THAT WOULD DO for that "75%" of customers is make that company's basic camera kit look uncompetitively expensive by comparison. They may look at the other brand (Pentax), and see it had PRIME lens, instead (or even say, the 17-70 F4), but MOST of that 75% would likely still be too uneducated about photography to really understand or appreciate what that might mean for them, photographically.

Now IF they go and do reasearch... read magazine and online reviews, visit forums, etc., THEN they may appreciate the difference. But at that point they cross the threshold from the 75% to the other 25%. I really don't think most of the 75% will ever do that.

Studies have LONG SHOWN that most folks think EVERYONE thinks like them (or should, at the very least). That's in part because we tend to surround ourselves with people of like minds (we don't spend much time in Canon and Nikon forums, do we, for instance?). The same is doubtless true of that "75%." They don't know what they don't know, and most of them may never know it, nor care that they don't. At least half of them will buy that camera kit in a major store, largely on impulse, when they see what looks like a good deal, and that's as far as they'll ever go photographically, and they'll be perfectly happy with both their purchase and whatever results they get. Some may even take better shots than most of us ever will, and they may never know it if they don't pursue their hobby beyond just casual shooting and printing for their personal use.

But it's a safe bet that even the best of that 75% -- especially those who bought in a store without doing any shopping around -- will never take it any further and never know any more.

Studies have shown (serious surveys) that more than a third of Americans can't identify continental America on a map of the world that isn't labeled. Like that 75%, they don't know what they don't know.


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