Where's the RX100 I/II/III competition?

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Re: S120 vs RX100 III

technic wrote:

kschultz wrote:

Thanks guys, I will hold the camera's in the store to figure out. the weight is somewhat an issue being the I was 240g vs II 281g and III 290g, but the size in the width also keeps expanding as the I was 36mm vs II 38mm and now III 41mm, 14% wider too. While the S120 is 217g and only 29mm wide.

Funny how Sony forum likes Sony and my post in Canon all like Canon, but I guess that's what you get. Thanks for the responses.

I'm a Canon user and tried the S110, but for me the image quality was just not good enough.

IMHO the difference in size/weight between S110 and RX100-2/3 is pretty huge for the average user. The S110 is one of the few quality cameras that is pants pocketable for the average user, the RX100 sure isn't. This isn't just the official measurements, also due to the way the lens sticks out on RX100. And for shirt pockets even a small weight increase can be a problem, RX100-3 is 50% heavier than S110.

If you really need/want the better quality of a 1 inch sector you just have to accept the extra weight/size that comes with it ... I'm just not sure if the increase in image quality with RX100 is worth the extra size/cost, it seems that due mostly to in-camera noise processing the RX100 doesn't realize the full potential of the sensor.

I came from the s90 to the original RX100 and I tried putting the RX100 in my pants pocket but it was too tight of a squeeze.  I also tried it in the outside pocket of my kaki shorts found it uncomfortable with the extra weight moving around as I walked.  In the end I either carry it in my coat pocket or hang a small pouch from a belt loop.

I now find that hanging from my belt loop is more convenient than my pants pocket as I can unzip and pull out the camera very quickly without having to hold the case while shooting.  With this new solution I am more open to slightly larger cameras with weight being the final determining factor.  I wouldn't want something much heavier than 300g and it becomes more noticeable carrying it.

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