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FYI: 70mm equiv

The DPR studio test shots were done at max focal (as well as f/5.6). Very few, if any, lenses have desirable performance at any extreme of their focal or aperture range. So as far as detail handling goes, think of these test shots as being closer to a worse case -- rather than to a best case -- sampling.

Same thing with the Imaging-Resource chart test shots for the Mk1 model. They were done at 100mm equiv and were very soft. Totally uncharacteristic of the greater portion of that model's zoom range.

Of course, if you're only looking for OOC JPEG noise reduction, then the chosen focal length will if anything make the Mk3 look better, due to the slight blurring.


All that said, I downloaded the base ISO daylight JPEGs from the RX100 Mk3, the Nikon D7100, and the Olympus E-M1, then upsampled the Mk3 and the EM-1 to the 6000x4000 pixel dimensions of the D7100 to create a level playing field. The Mk3 held its own beautifully -- to my eye -- coming very close to the D7100 and with noticeably better detail than the 16 MP EM1. This despite the Mk3 being at the severe disadvantage of being used at its max focal. Of course, the D7100 started to pull ahead at high ISOs, so no knock on the Nikon and its lens.

More specifically, at base ISO, I'm seeing

  • Just marginally clearer detail from the D7100 than the Mk3 (remember: Mk3's at max focal).
  • Very good corners for all three, but with the Mk3 having very slightly worse corners on one side of the frame than the other, and the EM1 having the best in all four corners (this is lens-dependent).
  • Very good colour accuracy from all three, but slightly better from the EM1. The Mk3 has the same greenish cast to the yellows as the Mk1 and Mk2 but excellent in the other primaries. The D7100 has a weak red. (This is from comparing the XRite ColorChecker to an original.)

These are all judgment calls, so if anyone has a different take...

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