RX100 100ll or 100lll

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Re: RX100 100ll or 100lll

I agree with NewellJ. Not a matter of Mk2 and Mk3 being successively better than Mk1/original. Each model simply provides a different mix of features. Technically, there's a slight improvement in the sensor between the Mk1 and the other two models, but it's not major. Physical construction quality seems identical. LCD is identical. OK: there's been a bit of upgrade to customizability of the controls in the Mk3 model.

Best thing you could do now is filter this forum on RX100, go back to about a year ago, then read lots of threads re the Mk1 and Mk2 models. Most of the criticisms you'll find may well apply to the Mk3 as well. Some of the highlights:

  • weak IS
  • poorly designed lens ring
  • auto-ISO and full auto modes both tend to stick to 1/30th shutter speed in low light leading to blur

newellj wrote:

Great pocket camera, no bells & whistles? RX100.

Like a tilt screen, or need to mount an external flash or EVF? RX100 MkII.

Want a built-in EVF and don't care about the accessory shoe? Want 24mm at f/1.8 and willing to give up 71mm - 105mm? RX100 MkIII.

Raw files from the MkI and MkII will be the same below ~1600.

IQ on the MkIII should be at least as good. We know that the Mk III IQ will be inexpressibly better than the Mk I/Mk II from 24-28mm, and inexpressibly worse above 70mm.

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