New Camera 7D?

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Re: New Camera 7D?

Karl Gnter Wnsch wrote:

RobertoAvanzi wrote:

So, yes, the little 8 way controller embed in the real wheel is bad, but I just sidestep the problem.

So you found a cumbersome workaround... Well what do you do if you want to select a focusing point on the fly - without having to activate the focus point selection mode?

The focus point/mode selection button is conveniently located very close to the shutter button.

In sports and wildlife photography I do this all the time, depending on the position of my subjects. On the 70D it would be close to impossible to react fast and seamless on your subjects movement - on the 7D it's a doddle once you set up the joystick to move focusing points without having to press the focus point button.

Well, that's why they are two different segments: one has better ergonomics. I never stated that using the two gears in place of the 8-way controller is the best thing even. I stated that it is better than the 8-way controller. Do not worry, i am not willing to spoil your delusion that the 7D is the best camera on the planet Nor do I live in the delusion that the 70D is a 7D replacement


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