Is the G6 a good camera and what would be a good price for such camera?

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Re: I would buy an E-M10 if you can afford it

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I have been eyeing this camera lately but have not researched it much. Is this a good and desirable camera?

Having used both G5 and E-M5, the only three good things I have to say about the G5 are that it has a good grip, e-shutter, and there's less purple fringing. Otherwise the camera feels cheap cheap cheap, and the dial is hard to turn. I know I am talking about an older model, but the G6 appears to be just a G5 with wifi and a better LCD.

With the E-M10 you get: liveview shadow highlight blinkies, IBIS that works with ALL of your lenses including prime lenses, 0-second anti-shock which cures shutter shock problems, and now Olympus finally does the trick that Panasonic does where it fixes CA in the JPEG files.

Last night I finally assigned the back focus button on my GX7. Didn't need the manual to do this it took me about 30 seconds. I decided I wanted to do the same for my E-P3 which I've had and used for over 2 years and just used 2 weeks ago. Not only did i need to use the manual to do it, it took me over 10 minutes and a couple of attempts before I was able to get it working on CAF only.

I can pick up my 6 year old LX3 which i had not used in almost a year and find everything in the menu. I love the E-M10, I just did not like as much as the GX7. But I hate the Olympus menu's, charger, and way of updating firmware. But YMMV.

Having said that I'm keeping my eyes open on a G6 or GH3 when prices drop. Probably a GH3 since I do like the built better. Not too mentioned no Olympus camera I have handled including the E-M1 feels as good in my hands compared to the Panasonic bodies, GX7, GH3, GH4. But again YMMV.

Enjoy your E-M10.

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