Full Frame versus Mega Pixels?

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Re: Many variables here....

Lin Evans wrote:

There is nothing "magic" about so called full frame nor is there anything "magic" about a high pixel count. Some crop factor cameras have higher image quality than any 35mm full frame camera regardless of the pixel count and some super high pixel count cameras are only mediocre as far as image quality for print purposes is concerned.

The old 5D is a very nice camera but in my personal opinion takes a back seat to the 60D in both overall IQ and certainly in terms of enlargeability and high ISO capabilities. There are really too many variables to generalize beginning with lens quality. It's difficult and expensive to make a super sharp across the image corner-to-corner lens for a larger sensor camera such as the 5D. It's much easier to make a lens which is very sharp corner to corner in the crop range of the Canon 1.6X crop factor. So to equal the overall image quality from a decent lens on a 60D you will need a VERY expensive lens for the 5D.

The first thing to think about is precisely what will you be using this camera for the majority of the time. Are you a portrait shooter, landscape shooter, macro shooter, wildlife photographer, etc.? Then chose depending on the budget you have to work with and don't forget the cost of the lens or lenses you may need.

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Not my experience. Had the 60D still have the 5D. The larger the sensor the better the image - generally. The 60D is noisier even at low ISOs than the 5D. The valid point made is about the cost of lenses. But the L lenses are better anyway. You get what you pay for. eg The 70-200mm f4 IS on the 60D - WOW!. On the 5D WOWWW!! The 5D has a much bigger 'cinematic' viewfinder, quieter shutter and a more solid build. The 60D has faster burst speed and much better for fast action. It has a better menu and LCD (although a bit too contrasty) it has video and a flip out screen but poorer back controls and a loud unpleasant shutter sound.

Image examples. These are screenshots so best to go to Image Resource to see the original sizes to really see the difference.

Here is the 60D at 400ISO

The 5D at ISO 400 resed up to the same size file as the 60D

60D crop at ISO 1600

5D crop at ISO 1600

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